Leadership Development / Executive Coaching

People look to a leader for direction, structure and
protection. In turn, a leader engages them in
meaningful projects, inspires them to do their best
work, and helps them to grow professionally and

Through carefully chosen assessment tools, you learn
both what you do well and what you can improve in each
of these areas. Then, in individual coaching meetings,
you discover how to implement the skills and understanding
you need to be the executive you want to be.

6-9 months of weekly or biweekly meetings

Consulting and Team Development

When you create conditions that allow people to do their
best work, your team naturally increases their capabilities
and performs at progressively higher levels.

Your knowledge of “the situation on the ground” is combined
with carefully selected frameworks and tools to
produce a customized training program that brings out the
full potential of your team.

4-8 biweekly or monthly sessions

Problem Solving

The right formulation of a problem points to its resolution.

Using different perspectives and frameworks, you arrive at
an understanding of your problem that points to an effective
solution. You then explore different methods of
implementation and test them against the nuances in the
situation you are facing. The result is a path forward that you
can engage with confidence.

1-3 meetings