8009 Ferrari Way, Windsor, CA 95492 • (310) 243-6802

Ken McLeod, M. Sc. is a management consultant and executive
coach who combines an extensive background in Eastern thought
and philosophy with practical experience in applying these
principles in American culture.

Ken has a graduate degree in mathematics from the University
of British Columbia (Canada), more than twenty years of
intensive training in Eastern disciplines (including meditation
and martial arts), and over twenty years of teaching and
consulting experience.

He has successfully pioneered innovative approaches to teaching
Eastern methods of attention and awareness through his
organization, Unfettered Mind, which he established in 1990.
In 1999, Ken established a consulting practice focusing on
executive coaching, team building and personal and
organizational effectiveness. His particular focus is on the use
of systems thinking to create organizational dynamics that
naturally generate productive interactions within the organization.

He has an ability to formulate problems and issues in such a way that
individuals and groups see for themselves how to resolve them with their
own resources. He also shows people how to generate effective strategies
by working with both the external situation and the internal emotional
reactions to it. And he establishes an atmosphere in which people discuss
and address problems and differences constructively.

Clients include Volvo Design Center, ReadyPac,
HBO, The Getty Trust, TimeWarner, Warner Bros., and The Troika Design Group.